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6 Brilliant Ideas to decorate your Kitchen
Posted: December 27, 2019 @ 8:48 am
Bedrooms: 2 | Bathrooms: 3 | Size: Sq.ft | Price:
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Are Open Offices here to stay?
The old concepts of office space with a desk, chair, and drawers are changing rapidly. The desk and chairs have been changing appearances and outlooks drastically. But the most noticeable change in the Office space in Andheri is the advent of an open office concept. While it is more prominent in corporate structure the commercial office space in Andheri eastis also not far behind.What is an open office? As the name suggests the concept of open office space in Andheri is based on the fact that there is only a limited number of personal seats. Most of the seats are open and can be used by the person who comes in first. The senior officials may still have a personal cubicle but for the others, there are no fixed seats, they are free to use any seat of their choice for the day.While it might be against what we are so used to, the concept of open office spaces is slowly catching up, with most corporates making a beeline for these designs’ patterns in the renovation. Even commercial office space in Andheri east is choosing this concept for the ease of maintenance and monitoring.Advantages of open office spacesNow let us see what makes the concept of open office spaces so loved by employers and the employees alike. 1. Better CollaborationWith no walls big or small separating you with the others, there is a much easier work collaboration. You can easily reach out to people and get the desired data, information and help.2. Better MonitoringEase of supervision is another advantage when it comes to open office spaces. There are almost no walls and every employee are seated in open spaces, this means as a manager you get a better view of what is happening. In case people are held up with issues also, you can easily spot it and then step in as needed.3. More work credibility and higher productivityWith open Office space in Andheri people tend to become more conscious about the quality of work and tend to feel more inclined to complete their work on time. They are more likely to take ownership of their work and this, in turn, means more productivity for the employee and the organization too.4. Shared Infrastructure An open space concept promotes the reuse of costly and less available infrastructure easily among the teams. There are no dedicated seating arrangements, thus teams can share the same infrastructure and save cost for the organization. An amicable discussion of sharing is suggested for this.Some disadvantages of Open Office1. The Indian MindsetWhile people are moving towards open Office space in Andheri, one hindering factor is the Indian mindset. Yes, you heard it right. We are all accustomed to the idea of personal office space with all personal belongings adorning the desk and space within. This is not possible in an open space. But we are slowly changing. Some commercial office space in Andheri east is also making a switch in favor of open spaces.2. Too much distraction and noiseOn the flip side of better collaboration is the more noise. With more and more people interacting with each other and limited privacy of the walls to shield the noise, there is more commotion.That is a disturbance to those,who are not part of the discussion group.3. Lack of Privacy/SeniorityExcept for the managers and supervisors, all others would be sitting along in the same place. This would mean a lack of privacy and losing seniority for some. But these are just some superficial reasons for avoiding embracing the change.Commercial office space in Andheri eastAndheri East is one of the busiest suburbs of the city of dreams - Mumbai. Getting an office space here can be the biggest boost to your business. But not everyone can afford an Office space in Andheri. What you can do in this case is to check out the open office and co-working office spaces in Andheri for your business. Chandak Group is one of the most prestigious builders in Mumbai offering excellent residential and commercial projects in almost all the prime locations in Mumbai. Chambers is one of their most prestigious commercial office space in Andheri east. It promises state-of-the-art exteriors and meticulously designed interiors to help you make an impact on your business. Many commercial office space in Andheri east is slowly rising to the concept of open spaces and Chandak Chambers would also be open to this change.Time to embrace this new change for all of us. Let us welcome this development with open arms for the open office spaces are here to stay.
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6 Advantages of Living in an Apartment
Deciding where to rest your head every night and live during the day could be an intense task. The city scape is seeing a drastic change with more and more apartments replacing independent homes in most of the cities. Living in an individual home has its allure, however, living in apartments/ flats such as 2 BHK Flat For Sale In Borivali East has its perks. It has become one of the most preferred choices of individuals and many families these days.Here are a few advantages of living in an apartment, that makes it a distinguished choice amongst home buyers.1. FinanceBuying a home would mean putting all the life-time saving in the line for an average middle-class person. This means that the decision on the size, location and other things about your home would be based on the finances. A 1 BHK Flat In Borivali East or a 2 BHK Flats In Mumbai Borivali is likely to cost you less than an individual villa or home. This is one reason why most people would prefer an apartment.2. AmenitiesUnlike independent homes, apartment complexes generally come with several amenities which may include security, gymnasium, kids play area, function halls, amphitheater, etc. These are available within the premises or in very close proximity. The main USP of an apartment is the amenities it offers.These are the selling points to lure the home buyers. Chandak NEXT by Chandak group offers Apartments On S.V. Road that comes with all modern-day amenities, you would want in your dream home.3. MaintenanceYou need not bother about the rugged lawn or blocked drainage or a broken sink. Though it comes at a cost, most apartments have in-house electricians and technicians to take care of minor repairs and fixes. For this, the association would be charging a very nominal amount. Go for a 2 BHK Flat For Sale In Borivali East which also comes with all the amenities needed. Chandak Group’sNext located 10 minutes from the Borivali East is an upcoming property offering all the amenities you could possibly want. Check it out!4. SafetyWhile we may install some security items in an individual home, the safety and security provided by a gated residential community are unparalleled.They would provide a control on the entry of visitors and strangers, effectively monitored by security personnel. When you decide to buy your Apartments On S.V. Road don’t forget to check out the safety measures it offers. CCTV cameras, 24/7 security, visitor entry book, etc. are some of the very common safety offered by most apartments. In today’s world, safety is a major concern especially when you are living away from your extended families, have kids or unwell elderly people at home.5. CommunityWe are ultra-social species and enjoy the company of others around us. Apartment life aids this. You have your neighbors, not meters away but just a few steps away. If there are kids in the house, this means they can come and go from one home to another and enjoy their childhood. For homemakers, it means someone to talk to after the man of the house has left for work and kids have left for school. Everyone gets to make new friends in apartments, and they celebrate each festival together. This coming together in your 2 BHK Flats In Mumbai Borivali is an important part of our social life.6. Ease of getting thingsNow if you are going to settle in a completely new villa, you will have to find someone who can deliver milk, groceries, newspapers, etc. at your home or someone who provide services such as cable and internet connections,on your own. But if you are in an apartment you just need to get in touch with your closest neighbor who is a just few steps away. Yes, that is the perfect Indian mentality. But it comes handy when you want to settle down in a new place.In cities, we find more nuclear families than joint families. By choosing to live in apartments we also create an extended family and friend support system. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people would prefer to live in an apartment. It is no wonder thus that there are several takers for a 1 BHK Flat In Borivali East or 2 BHK Flats In Mumbai Borivali.This has also given way to more people buying flats for investment purposes. It is easier to rent it out and the returns are high too. Check out some upcoming properties by the Chandak Group, a renowned and top-notch real estate developer. They have these projects in most premium locations of Mumbai, in which you can invest and get high returns.
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